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Fit for both individual devotion or corporate worship,
That Bostonian Gospel is an upbeat, raw, and gospel-rich
 collection of worship songs that emerged from the fertile soil of a church plant just north of Boston in the mid-2000's that eventually became Seven Mile Road.

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Bostonian friends John Frederick and Matthew Kruse


Watch the trailer to learn more.


1. Awakened

2. Glorious Love
3. Foolishness
4. Imagine

5. A Living Sacrifice

6. My Strength & Song

7. Soli

8. Glory of God

9. Height From Which I Fell


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When Matthew Kruse was commissioned to pioneer a gospel-centered church just north of Boston in 2001, the "needs list" was endless. At the very top was finding someone - anyone - who was willing to strike three chords on a guitar for an hour or so on Sunday mornings. So he reached out to the one guy he'd taught in high school years earlier who he knew was both a good kid and skilled musician, hoping that fifty-bucks-cash a week would entice him.


Three years, dozens of sermons and gospel conversations, and one surprising work of the Spirit later, that young man came to Christ and stepped beautifully into leading the church in worship.

That Bostonian Gospel is an upbeat, raw, gospel-rich collection of the original worship songs that emerged from that season of super-bright gospel wakefulness in John's and the church's life. 


That Bostonian Gospel Cover Art.png
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